Nationwide - Even International - Crane Rental and Sales

With more than a quarter-century in the industry, Kelley Equipment’s experience assures you of the right equipment at the highest quality and a competitive price to support your bottom line.

Kelley uses sophisticated crane selection & planning software to specify what your job requires, from graphical displays of the lifting task to capacity charts and site views. This job-planning method, configured to your precise specifications, gives you a real edge over your competitors when bidding complicated projects.

Choose from lease options, remanufactured equipment and rentals operated and maintained by certified Kelley staff. Let our seasoned engineers specify what you’ll need for each job. Our highly qualified Crane Care Technicians, all certified by the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO), ensure that our clients avoid expensive downtime. Our technicians and support staff are available around the clock.

We’ve supplied equipment to clients throughout the southeastern United States and even overseas. Our professionalism and experience make Kelley Equipment your best crane rental choice for any construction project. Let us design and plan the right equipment to meet your needs.