Kelley Equipment Company. provides state-of-the-art crane rental service to its customers by utilizing Crane Selection & Planning Software (CSPS)

What is CSPS?

CSPS is a tool for crane selection. CSPS allows our sales staff to enter basic lift specifications, then selects the appropriate cranes and configurations for the job. CSPS generates graphical displays of the lifting task, including the selected crane with lift obstructions, and allows our staff to simulate the lift and check all clearances (boom, tail swing, tip height, and hook height). Crane specifications, capacity charts, and site views (plain and elevation) can be generated and printed within minutes of entering the basic lift specifications. CSPS is customized with Kelley’s large fleet of cranes in its database. Specifications and capacity charts can be provided for your specific project or lift. Call Kelley Equipment Company today and see how CSPS simplifies job planning!