Our remanufacturing program will help increase operational performance to meet changing production demands as well as reducing operating and maintenance costs.

With the high cost of labor and materials it is some times more cost effective to refurbush an existing crane rather than replace it. We can provide you with a quote to refurbish your existing crane and/or provide you with a new one so you can make an informed economic decision.


In today’s business world it is more important than ever to get the most out of your equipment and keep your total cost of ownership as low as possible while enhancing your company’s image.

With this in mind Kelley works around your schedule when you decide to remanufacture your crane. To minimize the impact on production, we will work on your system during routine facility shutdown. Or the remanufacturing procedures can be staged between operating shifts.


We offer new looks and near-new performance without the Remanufacture price and time requirements. Sometimes this all you need to get another 10 or more years our of your existing crane.

We can take your existing cranes and make them look like new again, including system rebuilds and updates, according to your desires and your machine’s needs. This has been a very popular choice with our crane rental clients, and ensures your public image is always looking it’s best.

A typical rebuild consists of:

  • New end trucks
  • Rebuild or replace the bridge motors
  • Refurbish or replace the hoist
  • Inspect all components
  • Re-paint
  • Test all functions
  • Transport back to customer facility and re-install
  • Remanufacturing to meet new production requirements
  • Crane structural modifications for increased capacity
  • Runway modifications for increased coverage and capacity
  • Electrical systems
  • Control Systems
  • Mechanical systems
  • Hoists – remanufactured or new